Great Winexpress has vision to transform the Southern Hemisphere resources through creating successful companies operating across the region, with an ambition to evolve and transform itself into one of the leading international organisations that respond quickly and responsibly – this, we believe will contribute to maintaining our shares to the society.

Our product lines are well entrenched with customers. Beyond our core products and markets (South Africa, Southern African Countries, Brazil and South American countries), we continue building additional networks and partnerships throughout whole Africa and Latin America continents.

Our strategy builds on a clear approach to market segmentation in established and untested markets, and a structured approach to winning in trade in prioritised product categories in our identified key markets. We are confident that:

1. Our product lines and services will continue to add value to our customers.

2. Our establishments are to grow better than ALL stakeholders expectations.

Should you be interested in partnership, or how we may collaborate to create bigger mutual impact to the society, we would love to hear from you


We are an agile, ambitious and consumer-obsessed team, energised to explore and embrace uniquely both professional and entrepreneur experiences.

If you are looking for an exciting career on blending professionalism with entrepreneur spirit, Great Winexpress is one of the places for you:

1. To work, perform and ignite your passion, grow our business and recognition together.

2. To propose business model, based on sharing resources /benefits (incl. poss partnership, on new business unit).